An ongoing philosophy of the brand, this season Nilmance presents the idea in a even superior level. 

Heavily inspired by military elements and futuristic aesthetic, this latest season is a well-balanced fuse of present-day wearable technical clothing with unique outerwear silhouettes plus neutral-toned colour palette. 

Experimented with high-technology innovative materials and durable fabrics such as COOLMAX®️, SCHOELLER®️, and DYNEEMA®️, the collection provides Military-inspired pieces from utility vests with wax-coated nylon; various pieces of high performance outerwear such as the  full DYMEEMA®️ jacket; a traditional classic kimono jacket made with  COOLMAX®️. All to keep the wearer cool and dry, waterproof, breathable and gives comfort. It is a contemporary takes on traditional menswear, creating depth with organic fabrics and intelligent textile selection.

Comfortable cuts emphasized the garments’ adaptability, garments are universally wearable, a contemporary update to modern-days menswear.



Photography: Kevin K Wong
Model: Horton Yip